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Amazon Publishing Company is a book marketing service for authors. We help authors to get their books published and marketed on Amazon. Our team of digital marketing professionals are waiting to execute customized marketing plans for your book.


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In this day and age, having an online presence is important. We help you go big on the digital space for yourself and your brand by using the skills of top marketing experts in the industry. Our best book marketing strategies provide efficient, proven approaches for ensuring results. With our marketing services, we help you gain traction in the market by promoting your book and getting coverage in reputable publications that are relevant for your target audience.


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Amazon Publishing

We know what goes into publishing your book on Amazon; we can help facilitate the entire self-publishing on Amazon on your behalf.

Book Publishing

We review your materials, finalize your book for publishing purposes, and then publish it under your name on a multitude of platforms including the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Book Marketing

Our marketing team is well-versed in promoting books to increase outreach, exposure and sales; we observe a holistic, yet targeted, approach to marketing.

Editing & Proofreading

Our editorial staff consists of genre-specialists, adept at editing and proofreading manuscripts on a wide variety of topics.

Book Cover Design

Our book designers create impactful cover designs to ensure your book catches the attention of its intended target audience.


We have highly-experienced illustrators who create illustrations to capture the imagination of your target audience.


We have a diverse team of voice-over artists that can help create your audiobook exactly the way you want; we publish your audiobook under your name on Audible, iTunes, etc.

Author Website

You can depend on our website designers and developers to get your author website right; we recognize it is pivotal in ensuring a solid foundation for marketing and promoting your book.

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We have successfully completed many projects of varying scope and magnitudes.our clients range from working professionals,and industry experts to small and large scale corporations.Below are a few books that we have written and published for our clients:

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13 Ogham Poems

Jude O Mahony is an Irish poet. During the disconnecting lock down of 2020, he walked the Phoenix Park and The Memorial Gardens in Dublin. Peace and revelation reigned there. Inspired by the ancient Celtic Alphabet, Ogham, and its devotion to trees and a 13 month lunar cycle, this book is an attempt to bring faith and connection back to where they belong, "into the eyes of the enlightened heart".

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Deadly Relations

Amanda Carter, heiress to a pharmaceutical business and a sizable land trust in Southern California, finds her father dead of a gunshot wound under suspicious circumstances. The attractive homicide detective investigating the death is ordered to close the case, and everyone around Amanda accepts the verdict of suicide. But Amanda suspects foul play and decides to do her own sleuthing.

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Luke the Lakota

Transported to the 21st Century, Luke, the gospel writer, tells the story of his unexpected spiritual mission to help a young Lakota man on a vision quest. The Holy Spirit has sent him before Čhaŋté Little Hawk, in a cave of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Neither expects such a flesh-and-blood encounter spanning two millennia. Accepting this role, Luke provides spiritual wisdom while learning about and affirming Lakota spirituality.

Portfolio Image

Way of the Warrior

Jane Sato has always been proud to be a Japanese American, but just as proud to be the librarian for Buffalo County, Wyoming. Her finest achievements are managing a library, marrying a Japanese man, divorcing him against her parent's wishes, and moving on. David Nakamura was a nice guy, but a terrible match for her. Was it too much to ask for a girl to love the man she married? With trepidation and social courage, she thought not. Asakura Yoshimasa is a samurai on a vengeance quest to kill the evil wizard that murdered his father.

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The Veterans Business Guide to Soaring Success

Today’s uncertain economy has brought much stiffer competition to the marketplace. Getting started or staying ahead in business can be quite challenging. That is precisely why Alvin Terry, MBA wrote,The Veterans Business Guide to Soaring Success. He has had firsthand experience in the military and on the marketplace battlefield. In this book, he has gathered a series of articles designed to equip veterans to have a fighting chance in establishing a viable business that stands the test of time. Whether you are a startup or an established business, Alvin’s expert advice can better prepare you for the entrepreneurial journey ahead.

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Rudy Rex Visits the Dentist

A little T-rex named Rudy finds out he's going to visit the dentist for the first time and he feels a little scared. He soon discovers there was nothing to be nervous about at all! It is recommended to take your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as they sprout their first few teeth! This will get them used to going to the dentist and help build good oral hygiene habits. Even more important though, many dental issues in children can be identified and addressed early - preventing more expensive or extensive interventions later. Keep those lil' chompers healthy and beautiful!

Portfolio Image

The Push Over

Keeps you guessing until the end. A chilling, yet also heart-warming, story, brilliantly told – Creative Moment Magazine A murder mystery with a twist... we know who the murderer is, but who is the victim? As reporter Grace investigates the killing of a cyclist, memories of another murder begin to possess her - the murder she committed…

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Potato (Friendship)

Potato (Friendship) is a heartwarming romance novel that explores the intricacies of high school friendships and the budding emotions that can develop between two close friends. Written by Justice Chiusano, this novel captures the essence of young love and the challenges that come with navigating relationships in adolescence. Join the characters as they discover the depths of their feelings for each other, and follow them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. With relatable characters and a charming plot, Potato (Friendship) is a must-read for anyone who has ever experienced the joy and uncertainty of falling in love for the first time.

Portfolio Image

Perfectly Paisley

Come and discover all the delightful characteristics of a little girl named Paisley. Every day is a new adventure and everyday a new way to play! So much to see, so much to be, Perfectly Paisley would surely agree!

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To Rock Your Life

There are so many women who stay at home and spend their daily time on household chores and wondering about where all this time goes. Are you one of them? Do you want to know how to stay motivated? How to be a great model for your kids? How to use your time productively and keep on growing? Then you are holding in your hands the solution to your questions. In this compelling and moving book, Viktoriya shares the stories from her personal life and the lessons she’s learned being a scientist, a public speaker and a mother. This is more than just a book. It is the inspiration you need to be who you are. As a woman, as a mother, as an educator, as a professional, you are no less than the men around you, and you need to know that. This book has forty motivational and inspiring stories. They are not just stories. They're forty five-minute-long life-lessons, which will change your lives forever.

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Everyday Lessons In Emotional Intelligence

The world is evolving every day in newer ways than before. We see numerous discoveries made daily, while technology takes new leaps practically every day. Human beings are living life in the fast lane and don't have time to look back to learn from their mistakes, or sit back and simply relax. In this time of mental and physical fluctuation, it is crucial to look within and understand what is going inside one's complex mind.CHRONIC PAIN I.Q.

Portfolio Image

From Prostitutes to Prime Ministers and Everything in Between

This is my story of SOME of Phil's life, it chronicles how many forking paths can create an individual able to dine with a Prime Minister or platonically sleep in a van with a sex worker. This frank, conversational book talks of Phil's dreams for the future, his views on Leadership and the NHS, where he's worked for over two decades.

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Practicing clinicians have limited time to refer to detailed text for guidance and are malways in need of a resource they can reference to quickly which contains evidence based, bulleted diagnostic tools and treatment algorithms Chronic Pain I.Q. is that quick reference to guide the Healthcare Provider in the care and management of the chronic pain patient using the most up to date evidence-based practices. The guidelines used include interdisciplinary approaches, conservative management, medication management and the use of interventional procedures to manage chronic pain conditions. The treatment guidelines in this companion place an emphasis on the most conservative approaches first with a methodical escalation of treatment to more advanced and invasive approaches based on the patient’s response to the treatments.

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I think the house is finally settling & finally sighing with relief the ghosts aren’t gone, but I’m learning now to live with them As long as they'll let me stay

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Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog is the story of a rescue pup, Mowgli, who is fortunate enough to only know of compassion towards furry friends like herself. As a four legged family member, not only does she effortlessly coexist with humans but is put on a pedestal. Join Mowgli as her ordinary day of adventure turns unordinary when she meets 3 new truth telling pals and learns just how lucky she really is.

Portfolio Image

Beyond Coaching

Have you ever wondered about the experiences a coach has gone through? Or do you face trouble with particular tasks? Well, here are some of my experiences as a coach and helping people achieve their goals. In this book, you will find relatable situations, including not having a good relationship with others or struggling with focus and concentration, but nevertheless, these challenges are common but not insurmountable, and with the right mindset and techniques, they can be effectively managed.

Portfolio Image

Civil Engineering Design Information Systems.

The Method describes 2D/3D AutoCad Modeling of Entities / Objects with various shapes in Real Coordinate Geometry. It is based on the Project Baselines Tabulation, which allows, besides accurate Layout/Elevations/Sections/3D Placement, to receive actual quantities and takeoffs along the modeling process and reveal potential conflicts with existing Site Infrastructure. The Modules considered - Surveying, Geotechnical, Structural, Utilities, Management.

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Under the Dryer

This book is about how to take a stand as a woman! How to run a business being a woman after being told that she couldn't run a business just because she was a woman! And well, guess what? She proved them wrong! The women's community in today's world is stronger than ever before. Jean, who used to work for a salon was accused of stealing money from it, even though it wasn't her, but the husband of the owner. But who would believe Jean? That's right, no one!

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This depends on the publishing plan you sign up for. When you sign up for our most comprehensive plan, you will be plugged in to one of the publishing industry’s largest global book distribution networks, including access to over 40+ top publishing platforms, independent bookstores, online stores, chain stores, eBook retailers, etc.

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We use PDF proof copies of the book as they are faster and more cost effective.

You can order as many copies of your book as you like but they are charged at cost price. This means you are just charged purely for the printing and shipment cost of the books you order.

This is handled through the Print on Demand facility of the publishing platforms where we publish your book. For example, if someone orders the book on Amazon, Amazon's Print-on-Demand facility prints and distributes the book to the customer and you are paid your royalty.

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